eWallet On TiqConnect

Instant & Easy Claims with Your Personal Digital eWallet

eWallet is your personal digital wallet on TiqConnect. The claimed amount that has been successfully processed will be credited to your eWallet on the next day as compared to cheque payment which may take 2 to 4 weeks.


There are two types of eWallet credits:

  • Encashable – credits from your claims reimbursements / refunds from cancellation and etc.
  • Non-Encashable (Etiqa$) – credits from Etiqa’s promotions / rewards
    • Not refundable once the Etiqa$ is utilized.

Note: With effect from 1st June 2019, we will be imposing an expiry date on your Etiqa$. Etiqa$ credited before 31st Dec 2019 will expire on 31st Dec 2020.


You can use credits in your eWallet to make online purchase or renew your existing policies.  Eligible online products include: Travel, Maid, Home, Motor and Accident insurance (subject to changes).


For the encashable credits, you may choose to withdraw and receive your money real time via PayNow or Direct Credit to your bank account.  Simply follow few simple steps to submit the request within TiqConnect.


Login to your TiqConnect now.  If you do not have a TiqConnect access yet, you may register for an account here.


TiqConnect & eWallet FAQ

Bringing Convenience To You

Hassle-free Set-up

Your eWallet will be automatically set up along with your TiqConnect account upon purchase of our travel insurance.

Get your claims credited within one day

Claims that are being processed successfully will be credited into your eWallet account within one day. Traditional claims payment via cheque take 2 to 4 weeks.

Easy payment across all your purchases

You can use the stored credits in your eWallet to pay for your insurance policies and renewals, and track your purchases in your account immediately.

Enjoy faster cash out

Enjoy instant cash out of your stored value in your eWallet with direct credit bank transfer or PayNow.


Note: Only applicable for encashable credits.