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What is Tiqconnect?

TiqConnect is a dedicated One Stop Portal where you will be able to
– View and update your personal details
– View and update your policies details
– Cancel your policies
– Make your claims
– Purchase new policies
– Renew your policies
– Refer a friend and earn rewards
– Visit Etiqa Rewards program, and enjoy using your points

Our online financial services are secure, safe and confidential. For more information, refer to our Security Tips – www.etiqa.com.sg/useful-information/online-security-tips/

How can I update the email and mobile phone?

Please download from https://www.etiqa.com.sg/contact/form-downloads/ and submit the Personal Details Change Request form to update your latest personal details.

Can I purchase via TiqConnect?

Yes you can. On the left hand panel, there is the “Get Protected Now” link. You can click on the link to view the available products and purchase from there.

Can I submit claim via TiqConnect?

Yes you can.  You can either submit the claim from your policy details.  If your policies are not listed, you may click on “My Claims” to submit your claim.

Why some of the polices are missing?

We are in the midst of system migration.  So, some policies are not listed.  You may send a request to our Customer Care team via “Ask Etiqa” if you require any information.

Will I be rewarded if I refer a friend to Etiqa? (Refer and Earn Program)

Yes.  The more you refer, the more you earn.  Click here for more details.

Where can I get my referral code?

You can click on “Refer and Earn”, then key in your friend’s email.  An email will automatically be sent to your friend with your referral code.  Alternatively, you can provide the referral code (e.g. R123) to your friend.  Click here for more details.

What is the difference between promotion code and referral code?

Promotion code is the discount code when a campaign is launched.  E.g. our TEIF discount code is TEIF.

However, a referral code is to be used when you refer a friend to purchase an Etiqa product.  It can be your mobile number or your TiqConnect Referral code (e.g. R123).  Once the referral code is indicated, we will be able to track your referrals and reward you according to the campaigns indicated.


How to onboard for Tiqconnect?

You will be auto-registered when you purchased an online product from us. Otherwise if you have a existing Policy with Etiqa, you may self-register for an account at our TiqConnect Login page – TiqConnect

When was the account being registered?

There are 3 ways the account are registered:
1) We auto-onboard our customers in batches.
2) You will be auto-registered when you purchased an online product from us.
3) If you have a existing Policy with Etiqa, you may self-register for an account at our TiqConnect Login page – TiqConnect

What is the login ID?

Login ID is your NRIC/Passport No./FIN that you have registered with us.

How to activate the account?

Click on the “Activate” link inside the Onboarding email/SMS that you have received from us. Otherwise you may also click on Forgot Password at TiqConnect login page (TiqConnect) and an activation link will be sent to you to set up a new password.

I do not know if I have an account. How to check?

You can go to TiqConnect at TiqConnect and click on “Forget password”.

  • If your account does not exist, you will be informed and you can register for an account.
  • If your account already exist, a reset password notification will be sent to you.
  • If your account already exist but not not activated, you will be informed to activate it.
I did not receive the activation email/OTP to login. Why is this so?

It could be that your record with us is not updated. Please approach our Customer Care Team to re-confirm the details. You can What’s App us at +65 8677 8780 or send an email to customer.service@etiqa.com.sg for assistance.

I do not want to have a TiqConnect account. How to remove?
Why is the SMS send to another mobile number and not the mobile number I indicated during purchase?

This could be due to data differences in across our database. To ensure that all your data across our systems are updated with the latest information, please go to download (https://www.etiqa.com.sg/contact/form-downloads/) and submit the Personal Details Change Request form to update your latest personal details.

I do not know/forgotten my password. What can I do?

You can go to the TiqConnect at TiqConnect and click on “Forget password” to request for a new password.


What is eWallet?

eWallet is your personal digital wallet on TiqConnect. Any claims or refund amount would be credited into this account for customers to encash easily via Direct Credit or PayNow into their bank account.

What is the difference between Encashable Credit and Non-Encashable Etiqa$?

Encashable Credit:

You will receive encashable credit into your eWallet when you perform any claims reimbursements/ policy cancellation/ withdrawals etc.

This amount can be used to offset for purchase or renewal of your policies.

Alternatively, you can encash the amount.

Non- Encashable Etiqa$:

You can convert your Etiqa Rewards Points to Etiqa$.

This amount can be used to offset for purchase or renewal of selected policies.

However, you will not be able to encash this amount.

Why is the eWallet amount not available in the email/SMS?

We do not enclose any balance in our email or SMS for security purposes. Customer will need to login to TiqConnect to in order to view the details.

How to encash the credits in eWallet?

You may login to TiqConnect to set up a Direct Credit Bank Transfer or use PayNow to encash your credits in your eWallet. Please note that you may only do so for the encashable credits stated in your eWallet.

What are the steps to encash?

Please refer to our User Guide for the guided steps.

I am not able to encash to my DBS account due to name differences from bank record. What should I do?

If the account name with Etiqa is not correct, please contact our Customer Care team to have it updated. Then, encashment can be done to DBS account.

Alternatively, you may refer to our user guide on how to register for PayNow with DBS or you can encash to other banks.

I do not have PayNow, how do I register?

You can login to any of your bank’s online portal and register for one. It can be registered under your mobile or NRIC.

The PayNow participarting banks include – Maybank, DBS Bank/POSB, Citibank, HSBC, OCBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, United Overseas Bank, Bank of China. You would be able to get detailed instructions on their respective website.

Is Etiqa$ encashable?

Etiqa$ is non-encashable.  It can only be used to purchase new policies or renew your existing policy.

How to use the Etiqa$ if I cannot encash?

You can use it to purchase a new policy or use it to offset renewal premium for your existing policy.

I want to use the non-encashable Etiqa$ to buy a policy. How can I use it?

When you buy or renew a selected Etiqa insurance product, your Etiqa$ will appear as a payment option in the payment page which you can use to offset premium payment.

What are the policies that I can purchase with via Etiqa$?

You can use your Etiqa$ to offset premium for:

General Insurance

  • ePROTECT safety
  • ePROTECT personal mobility
  • Private Car Insurance
  • ePROTECT motorcycle
  • Tiq Home Insurance
  • ePROTECT maid
  • Personal Cyber Insurance
  • Tiq Travel Insurance

Life Insurance

  • 3 Plus Critical Illness
  • Cancer Insurance
  • ePROTECT term life
If I do not use this eWallet credit, will I receive a reminder of the balance?

Yes, we will send out your monthly eWallet statement if there is existing balance in your account.

I have non-encashable Etiqa$ and encashable credits. How can I make sure that the Etiqa$ is used first since there is an expiry date?

Before the payment page, our system will check the eWallet balance.  If you have a balance, we would display the balance by default to deduct from the account.  If you have Etiqa$, the premium will be deducted from Etiqa$ first and then from the encashable amount.

Is there any expiry date for the eWallet balances?

Encashable Credits:

Your Encashable Credits do not expire. These are credits you received from claims reimbursements/ policy cancellation/ withdrawals etc.

Non Encashable Credits (Etiqa$):

Your Non- Encashable Etiqa$ has an expiry. You may login to TiqConnect to view the expiry date.

Can you encash and mail me a cheque instead as I am an elder do not how to login?

Please come to our Customer Care office and our staff will be able to assist in the encashment. And we can arrange to disable the account as well.

I did not register for eWallet account. Can you mail the cheque to my mailing address.

We are moving towards digitalization and ease of reimbursements to the customers. Customers will be automatically registered for TiqConnect upon their online purchase. Our staff can assist in the encashment. And if you do not want the account, a request can be submitted after the withdrawal is done.

For elderly whom requires assistance, they can drop by our office for assistance.

I received eWallet statement email. Can I ignore the email since I do not want to purchase any insurance for now?

Yes.  You may ignore and leave the credits in the eWallet and utilize it later.  However, do take note that the notification will be sent automatically to remind you of the balance.  Also, there is an expiry date for the non-encashable credits (Etiqa$).  Please log in to TiqConnect to check the expiry date.

If you still cannot find an answer to your question, please WhatsApp our Customer Care Officers at +65 6887 877.