TiqConnect Withdrawal

Individual personal data and privacy are important to Etiqa Insurance Pte. Ltd.  You may refer to our Privacy Statement for the terms and access and Data Protection Statement for information on how Etiqa manages your personal data.


You may fill in the following form if you want to opt out and remove your TiqConnect account with us.

1) Name(As per your NRIC)
2) NRIC/FIN(Please specify a valid NRIC/FIN)
4) Mobile Number.
5) Reason(s) for Removal of the Account(Kindly specify your concerns for the removal of the account.)
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Kindly take note that with the removal, you would not be able to check your policies or perform any online transactions with your account.  You would also not be able to enjoy the promotions or preferential rates offered to our TiqConnect customers.