Reasons Why Fresh Grads Should Consider A Savings Insurance

Reasons Why Fresh Grads Should Consider A Savings Insurance

After all the sleepless nights, your hard work has finally paid off! That moment where you are up on stage receiving your diploma or degree is one that you will want to savour forever. When the euphoria of it all wears off, the reality of adulting starts to sink in.

Everyone has their own to-do list to kickstart their adulting plan. Some things are common, like finding a job. Others, such as getting a savings insurance, fall in the category of this-is-what-you-need-but-don’t-know-it-yet. You are probably thinking why you would need an endowment plan. Let us break it down for you.


One of the reasons why you should purchase a savings insurance is because of the unexpected circumstances that you might face along the way. Such incidents are normally unexpected and no one can predict when it will happen, so it is always better to be safe than sorry! Whether it happens in the near or distant future, you can always take measures to prepare for the unexpected by protecting yourself from the financial consequences that might occur due to these events.


As a fresh graduate about to take the first steps in the corporate world, the biggest financial responsibility is usually your study loan. The best time to start saving for your big ticket items, be it your house or your child’s education, is now – when you do not have many commitments yet. Before the other big ticket expenses start to pour in, do yourself a smart favour by investing in an endowment policy. While you hustle, let the money work for you too! How does this work? In an insurance endowment plan, the premium you pay is used to invest in a range of financial products. If your investment portfolio performs well, you will be able to receive more than what you have put in (non-guaranteed)! So take this opportunity for you to slowly (but surely) build your savings with an endowment policy, while protecting yourself from unexpected events.


Since you are a fresh graduate, we know you might have just started your first job but retirement in Singapore is one of the things you should start to consider from as early as when you just started out in the workforce. Sure, retirement might seem a long way from now with the years of toiling ahead, but it should still be on your radar! The best time to strategise and plan how you want to achieve your ideal retirement lifestyle is always as early as possible. It shouldn’t be something you only think of when you have already worked a few decades.  Make sure to have the retirement you’ve dreamed of by planning early! The key is to accumulate enough savings smartly with a strategic insurance endowment plan so that after years of hard work, you’ll just relax and enjoy life. Now who wouldn’t wish to retire early?

“Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it.” – Brian Tracy

Now, aside from the reasons stated above, the greatest reason why you need an endowment plan is none other than the peace of mind that we are all seeking for. While you can’t control what might face in the future, having that assurance that you have the necessary measures put in place to prepare for whatever life throws at you will definitely keep you at ease. Although it might seem difficult to attain peace as a state of mind, you can work towards it slowly but surely with the help of an insurance endowment plan.

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