How to Prepare for the Longest Holiday of Your Life

How to Prepare for the Longest Holiday of Your Life

At some point or another, most of us would have wondered what life after retirement will look like. Imagine not having to go to work… How will we occupy all this time? But this life transition shouldn’t frighten you – life does not end after retirement! Planning ahead will ensure that there is still something to look forward to even after retirement. Whether you would like to master a new skill or perhaps take a holiday in a city you’ve never visited before, the world is your oyster! If travel appeals to you, here’s a quick breakdown that you might find useful when estimating your travel cost.


Must-dos: Explore the cosmopolitan cities of Tokyo, Seoul, and Taipei or be one with nature on the sandy beaches of Phuket, Boracay, and Bali.

Must-eats: Freshly-caught sashimi off the shore of Hokkaido, oodles of Pad Thai with a side of refreshing coconut, and even Balut for the adventurous few.

Estimated daily expenses: S$80


Must-dos: Marvel at grand Roman cathedrals, stunning Dutch windmills, and Greek sculptures, or opt for a romantic gondola ride down the canals of Venice.

Must-eats: Mouth-watering arrays of cured Spanish meats or a classic Sacher Torte for those with a sweet tooth.

Estimated daily expenses: S$150


North America

Must-dos: The largest happiest place on Earth where dreams do come true. If rollercoasters aren’t your thing, perhaps Yosemite National Park or the Golden Gate Bridge will tickle your fancy?

Must-eats: Classic American fare such as burgers and apple pies are a given. But do try out cookie dough and waffle pops to satisfy the hipster in you.

Estimated daily expenses: S$200


South America

Must-dos: Trek through the ruins in Machu Picchu or revel in the vibrant atmosphere of the Copacabana beach.

Must-eats: Snack on Empanada. Finish off with desserts containing the famous and delicious Dulce de Leche.

Estimated daily expenses: S$200

With so many cities waiting to be explored, it’s time to make sure you’re financially ready for your adventure! Here are 2 tips to help you fund the longest holiday of your life.

Tip #1: Invest in an Insurance Plan

You can ensure that your budget affords you a comfortable retirement with ePREMIER retirement. ePREMIER retirement allows you to plan and set aside money for your retirement, where you can enjoy a monthly retirement income at your retirement age and attractive returns upon maturity. The plan is also highly customisable according to your needs, with flexible retirement age, premium term, and income payout period.

Tip #2: Manage your finances well!

Make sure that you start paying off your house, car and personal loans as early as you can. With this, you can kick back, worry-free and debt-free life once you retire.

Plan for your future at a young age and you’ll be able to dedicate more time to the important things in life later on, be it spending time with your loved ones or venturing out to have a more active lifestyle to focus on your health. When you hit the big 50, it would be advisable to ensure that your life plan factors in the possibility of unforeseen events. With ePREMIER retirement, an additional major cancers benefit is included for better peace of mind during your retirement years. The lump sum benefit equivalent to 9 times the selected guaranteed monthly retirement income is paid out in the event the life insured is diagnosed with Major Cancers for the first time on or before age 70.

Start planning for your future now so that you can make the most of your hard work, and maintain your desired lifestyle during the longest vacation of your life. Find out more about our latest ePREMIER retirement plan .


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