5 maid personality types and how to work with them

5 maid personality types and how to work with them

FDWs (Foreign Domestic Worker) can turn a chaotic household into a well-oiled machine. But understanding their personality and establishing a good relationship is the first step. Here are five common helper archetypes and how to work with them to ensure a peaceful and happy home life.

The overachiever

This type of helper is just a little too good at her job. She wakes the entire household with an early Sunday morning vacuum cleaning session on her day off, clears the table before the meal is over and obsessively irons even your pyjamas. But while the overachiever can be a little annoying to live with at times, they leave no detail unaddressed. Give them plenty of praise so they know they are doing a good job, and set some boundaries so they don’t go too far beyond the call of duty.

The motherly nagger

The whole family loves the motherly nagger for her warmth. However, sometimes she can rub you the wrong way with her incessant nagging, whether that involves reminding you to take your vitamins or bring along your keys when you are leaving the house. Remember her nagging comes from a place of love and care, and try to show patience. However, if the nagging becomes too much to stand, stay gentle and kind but be clear about her role in the family.

The amateur therapist

This helper loves to give advice – even when it is not asked for. It is as if the amateur therapist has read all the self-help books and wants to share her thoughts about how you should discipline your kids or how you should handle your in-laws. But remember, sometimes, a different perspective to our problems can be useful – who knows, your helper’s advice might in fact come handy. If you wish to avoid this from occurring altogether, only speak about relationship problems with family members to limit your helper’s opportunities to give unwanted advice.

The stand-in best friend

Just like your best friend, you genuinely like this type of helper. They are supportive, funny and pleasant to spend time with. They have also provided a shoulder to cry on over the years, becoming a valued friend. While it is fine to spend social time with the stand-in best friend, sometimes the boundaries between leisure and work can become blurred. To prevent this, provide a clear job description and ensure they know what you expect from them as their employer, so your personal and work interactions can coexist peacefully.

The tough-love helper

While sometimes appearing grumpy in nature, this helper is all about old-school tough love. They may be overly strict and even scold members of the family for tracking dirt over a clean floor or leaving their possessions around the house. When this gets frustrating, remember that they simply want what is best for the family. Keep the mood light and try a few jokes to remind the tough-love helper not to take their job quite so seriously.

FDWs can be worth their weight in gold. Understand their personality type and how to work with them to get the best out of the relationship.

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