How to Save Half the Cost When Renewing Your Maid’s Contract

How to Save Half the Cost When Renewing Your Maid’s Contract

If you were a maid-hiring newbie when you hired your first maid, you would have probably done so through a maid agency. Maid agencies are not cheap, but they do take care of all the paperwork for you, including buying maid insurance so that you have the necessary insurance coverage for your maid. If your maid’s performance is good and she gets along well with you and the family, her 2-year contract will be over in what seems like a blink of an eye. Five weeks before the expiry of her Work Permit, you will receive a notification from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) about the impending expiry, and you’ll be wondering “has it been that long already?”

Your Maid’s Great – You’ll Want Her To Stay

If your maid is willing to stay on with you, you will want to retain her for another 2 years. After all, good help is hard to find! According to MOM’s guidelines, an employment contract is not mandatory but it is good to have so that the terms of employment are clear and misunderstandings can be avoided. What is mandatory for renewal will be the maid’s Work Permit, security bond, and maid insurance (covering both medical as well as personal accident insurance).

DIY and Save! It’s Not That Hard

You can go back to the maid agency and get them to help you with the renewal but why not do it yourself and save on the agency fees? Maid agencies do not typically publish their fees for helping with maid Work Permit renewals, and rates would vary from one agency to another. In general, be prepared for fork out around S$300-S$400 dollars for agency fees (which does not include the costs charged by other parties such as maid insurance – over S$200 for a 26-month plan on average, and MOM’s Work Permit renewal fee – S$30). On the other hand, if you were to renew the maid’s Work Permit and insurance yourself, you can avoid the agency fees.

Step 1 – Check Regulatory Requirements

Laws and regulations do change from time to time, so do consult MOM’s website for the latest requirements if you decide to renew your maid’s Work Permit yourself. It is important to check with the embassy of the country of origin of your maid for additional requirements, as well as renew her passport if it has less than 6 months of validity left. For instance, the Philippine government requires a security bond of S$7,000 (as mentioned in the preceding paragraph) as well as an Authenticated Employment Contract. The Indonesian government, as of Feb 2018, also requires a S$6,000 security bond for Indonesian maids – this bond can be purchased via insurers accredited by the Indonesian government.

Step 2 – Get Maid Insurance To Cover The Renewed Contract

One of the first things you’ll need to do is to extend your maid insurance. You do not have to use your current insurer. Instead, shop for the best value. In this regard, Etiqa’s ePROTECT maid insurance  plans offer great value for money. They are amongst the most affordable offered by insurance companies in Singapore. Etiqa’s maid insurance provides comprehensive insurance coverage (enhanced to meet the MOM’s latest insurance coverage requirement), and even offers protection against the unfortunate event of abuse by the maid to your child, elderly or a handicapped person. Also available are optional benefits  such as Letters of Guarantee to the Philippine Overseas Labour Office in Singapore (for the S$7,000 performance bond required by the Philippine Government for hiring Filipino maids), critical illness (the first and currently ONLY maid insurance in Singapore to do so), and home cover (protects your home contents from fire, burglary or theft by maid).

Step 3- Apply for Work Permit  Renewal Online 

Once these are done, you can log on to the MOM website and conveniently renew your maid’s Work Permit online. Documents you will need to provide include a scanned copy of the personal particulars page of your maid’s passport, MOM-imposed security bond, personal accident insurance and medical insurance (the MOM-imposed security bond, personal accident insurance and medical insurance are included in Etiqa’s ePROTECT maid insurance). The renewal fee is just S$30. Once the application is approved, MOM will deliver the new Work Permit to you within 4 working days. Once you’ve received the new Work Permit, don’t forget to return the old permit to MOM.

Congratulations – you’ve renewed your maid’s Work Permit yourself and saved a bundle!

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