Newbie traveller? Time to level up to a Pro

Newbie traveller? Time to level up to a Pro

You have worked hard all year long and you deserve that well-earned break. You haven’t traveled much and now, your big dream vacation is now just a week ahead! You have researched on all the best shopping spots, the best spas, the best restaurants, and the most scenic locations to visit. So you are all set, right? Well, maybe not. To ensure a truly enjoyable experience, it is also essential to be adequately prepared for the trip. Adequate preparation can make your trip smoother, stress-free, and more enjoyable.

Here are some tips that will help you prepare for your dream vacation like a pro.
1) Research the basic stuff

Researching the fun stuff like shopping spots is good, but researching the basic stuff is also useful. For instance, if you are travelling to a temperate country, it would be well worth your time to find out what the average temperature would be. Packing for a 26-degree Celsius climate and arriving to a 20-degree weather will only result in “emergency” shopping for warm clothing.
How about the water supply? Can you drink water straight out from the tap or would you need to boil it first? Drinking non-potable water might make you grateful you bought travel insurance (which is an essential – more on this later).
Other important information you might need, especially if you are travelling free-and-easy, is the local contact details of your home country’s embassies. In most cases, you will not need to use this information, but it can be useful in case of situations such as lost passports.

2) Let people at home know your travel plans
Informing family members of your travel plans can give you, and them, the peace of mind of knowing where you are. In an emergency, if they cannot reach you on your mobile, they can still try to reach you through your hotel. If you are Singaporean, you can even register your trip with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is a voluntary and free service provided by the Government, and registration will enable them to contact you in case of an emergency such as natural disasters and offer you assistance. Registration is done online (snap quiz! Did you know that Etiqa empowers customers to self-manage their insurance needs by offering online insurance purchases?)

3) If you are going to rely on credit cards – make sure they work overseas
As part of your basic research, you should find out if your credit card is accepted in your travel destination. If it is, great! However, do remember to inform your bank to enable overseas usage of the card. As a security measure to protect you from credit card fraud, your bank may have disabled overseas use of your credit card. In this situation, you will need to contact your bank and activate overseas usage of the card.

4) Pack a spare set of essentials in your carry-on luggage
Nothing puts a damper on the start of an overseas vacation like finding out at the airport that your check-in luggage had gone missing. To protect yourself against such a situation, pack spare sets of essentials into your carry-on baggage, such as warm clothing, socks and underwear. This will help you keep clean and comfortable until your luggage shows up, or until you can buy replacements for the missing items. This is another situation whereby travel insurance would prove itself invaluable.

5) Always get travel insurance when you travel
Travel insurance is an essential when you go abroad. Travel newbies often do not factor in the possibility of events that can go wrong. However, as pointed out in this article, there are unfortunate situations that can occur and disrupt your dream holiday – from trip delays to lost items to accidents and illness. Travel insurance can protect you against such situations and give you the peace of mind of knowing that should anything untoward happens, you are covered. At Etiqa, you can easily get an online travel insurance quote and choose the package that is most suitable for you. Etiqa’s eProtect Travel’s comprehensive coverage caters to all types of travelers, whether travelling alone or with family. With features like real-time auto flight delay monitoring and claims, customers enjoy even greater convenience. Click here to find out more.

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