Unusual retirement activities you’ll love

Unusual retirement activities you’ll love

Retirement. Everyone knows someone with crazy visions of what they’d like to do when work life as we know it expires into memory. Some want to move to the Cameron Highlands to start their own farm, and others intend to buy an island in the Caribbean and move there to escape bustling city life. Wild ideas are everywhere, but you don’t have to own an animal sanctuary or live in a caravan to make the best of your retirement. For the open-minded and ever young-at-heart, here are some life options that can help you to lead an active life… even after you stop working.


Go back to school

By the time you retire, it’ll have been a good while since your last school days, and surely you’re going to miss them? It’s never too late to pick up the books – we mean, mouse again and learn something new.


There’s something for everyone. For example, those who enjoy arts and crafts may find calligraphy, crocheting and pottery to be fulfilling activities. If you like exploring new cultures, consider picking up a new language and making plans to travel to its native regions so you can practice! Signing up for group classes is an excellent way to make new friends in new communities. Meanwhile, you can learn virtually anything online these days, and guidance in most skills are available in online courses, paid or free.

Volunteer overseas

By the time you’ve created a comfortable life for yourself and your loved ones, you may finally have more time to devote to the less fortunate. There are many local opportunities to contribute to local communities – Singapore’s own Willing Hearts is wholly run by volunteers who prepare and deliver food daily to local elderly needy communities.

But if you’re looking for a fresh experience, consider taking your desire to serve the underprivileged, overseas. Among the long list of opportunities, are wildlife orphanages in Africa , teaching in India and dolphin conservation in Croatia . The possibilities are endless!


While preparing to leave on your new adventure with a purpose, keep yourself well protected with a comprehensive travel insurance plan so you can give back, worry-free.

Start your own mini-business

Do you bake? Perhaps you find baking therapeutic, or perhaps you’re an amateur photographer or calligrapher. At some point or another, someone with a mouthful of your famous earl-grey cupcakes must have mumbled through the crumbs that you should think about starting your own bakery one day. Well, here’s your chance! Perhaps something run out of your own home, with the right licences of course.


At some point, we all wished that we could pursue our passions in our careers, but anything put aside in the name of pragmatism can take centerstage during retirement.

Become a chaperone

By the end of your professional career, everything you’d have seen will translate into a wealth of knowledge and life experience, and what better way to use this than to pass it on to the young? A great side-project for your retirement could be to guide young entrepreneurs navigating growing businesses.

The problems they face in shaping business strategy and work culture may look very similar to those you confronted during your own time in their shoes, so your help could go a long way in ensuring the sustainability of the company. The flexibility that such involvement can afford allows you not only to continue contributing to society, but affords you the well-deserved break as befits a good retirement.


If your children have their own families by that time, leaving your job can also give you the chance to spend more time with your grandchildren. Take time to teach them values and good habits to carry with them for the rest of their lives. With the little ones safe in your care, your grown children can focus on their careers without worry.


With this many ways to spend your retirement, it’s no wonder so many people look forward to it! Come the day you decide to leave your job behind, you’d hope to enter this new chapter of life with peace of mind. Our ePREMIER retirement insurance will not only reduce the pressure of retirement savings in your youth, but ensure that you can realize even your most unique aspirations after retiring. What are your retirement plans? We’ll help you get there.


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