What’s in a family heirloom?

What’s in a family heirloom?

Every family has heirlooms, each unique and imbued with generations of meaning. Be it a golden pocket watch once carried by people you’ve never even met, or vintage porcelain from your great-great-grandmother, every family heirloom carries a story of a familiar memory and heritage. Taking a closer look at what has fallen into your hands; let’s examine what your heirlooms say about your family.

  1. Recipes

Ancestral recipes are more precious than silver or gold, especially in Singapore where the concept of food is infused with such a deep sense of culture and pride.

What it says about you and your family:  A family recipe symbolises the great craftsmanship in your family, and these creative genes have probably been passed on to you too!


  1. Furniture

A piece of antique furniture makes the perfect family heirloom, especially one that is well made to stand the test of time.

What it says about you and your family:

What it says about you and your family: good furniture adds to the comfort of your home, so families that pass on furniture value harmony in the home. Maybe this explains why you love creating memories with other people!

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  1. Porcelain ware

Do you spot any antique decorate porcelain around your home? These likely belonged to your mother, or her mother before her.

What it says about you and your family: When a family passes porcelain through generations, members usually have a warm, nurturing relationship. This is why you are the thoughtful, sentimental person you are!


  1. Timepieces

As seen in movies, timepieces are often passed down to a favorite family member. Timepieces such as watches or pocket watches may sound like a cliché family heirloom to pass on, but it greatly shows the ingenuity of past generations.

What it says about you and your family: Clocks as an heirloom symbolises discipline and assurance in your family. From an individual stance, time is important therefore you always prioritise your family first.

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  1. Jewellery

Precious jewelleries are perhaps the most common family heirloom to be passed down as its monetary worth is immediately recognised. Since jewellery is worn on the body, it carries a much more intimate significance.

What it says about you and your family: Having jewellery for a family heirloom symbolises great trust between family members. One thing that you have learned from your family is to constantly work hard in order to achieve your goals. It’s also one of the reasons why you never settle for anything than the best you can achieve.

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