Find the best insurance plan for your personality

Find the best insurance plan for your personality

Anyone who’s tried can vouch for the fact that choosing an insurance plan can be confusing work! But this process need not be as complicated as it seems, and besides, everyone’s different. Read on to find out which insurance plan best suits your personality!

The Go-Getter

You’re the sort who won’t settle for anything less than the best for your family and yourself. With your loved ones in mind, you constantly strive for success – your friends are surprised how competitive you are even at the game table. At work, you are a leader and a hard worker, and your efforts are met with great reward, with which you are generous toward your loved ones.


The Planner

You prefer to think way ahead rather than go with the flow. You’ve worked hard to build a comfortable life for you and your loved ones, but you worry about the future just as any habitual planner is wont to. Protecting your legacy is important to you, because it means you can share the well-earned rewards for your hard work with your loved ones and generations to come.

If either of these descriptions fits you, our Premier insurance plans would be perfect for you. These insurance solutions prioritise planning for the future, near and distant, while protecting you, your family and your legacy.


The Practical Connoisseur

Your loved ones mean everything to you and you never stinge on the essentials. Dinner, even home cooked, is thoughtful and well prepared, and your birthday gifts to those around you are personal and specific.

For someone who pays this much attention to detail with the most practical, mundane things, not just any financial plan will do. You appreciate the freedom to customise your life insurance plan for your lifestyle and needs. Etiqa’s life insurance solutions offer the assurance that the needs of your loved ones will always be taken care of, exactly the way you intend.


The Patient Perfectionist

You’ve covered all of life’s bases. Not even the smallest detail escapes your mind’s observant eye, and mismatched socks can ruin any good day. Naturally, the bigger things have already been figured out, like emergency savings for unexpected expenses. Since your youth, you’ve always given your best in everything, believing deeply that hard work now will pay off eventually. You have big dreams, and every little bit will go a long way in fulfilling them.

This same mentality, you use to approach your savings, making you adept at managing your finances. Etiqa’s insurance savings plans offer lump sum or spread out payments upon maturity, giving you the freedom to decide how best to save for the future. Learn more here.


The right plan for your lifestyle

Have you found your match? We hope this gave you a better idea about the insurance plans that best suit your needs. At Etiqa, we’d love to get to know you better, to help you achieve your financial goals. If you’re up for a chat, Whatsapp us at 6887 8777.


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