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Agency Forms

Application Forms


DIRECT-Etiqa term life Brochure
DIRECT-Etiqa whole life Brochure
ePROTECT maid Brochure
eFUTURE pay presto Brochure
ePREMIER legacy III Brochure
ePROTECT home Brochure
ePROTECT mortgage Brochure
ePROTECT safety Brochure
ePROTECT travel Brochure
eSAVE enhance Brochure
eSAVE assure presto Brochure
eSAVE flexi Brochure
eSAVE flexi (2pay8) presto II Brochure
HDB Basic Fire Insurance Brochure
Maxihome Contents Plus Brochure
Personal Accident Insurance with Rider Brochure
Personal Accident Plan for Public Transport Brochure
Personal Accident Plan for Public Places Brochure
PrimeShield Light Industries Brochure
PrimeShield Retail Brochure
PrimeShield Food and Beverage Brochure
PrimeShield Office Brochure
Travelcare Plus Brochure
ePROTECT lifetime Brochure

Claim Forms

Nomination Forms

Policy Contracts

Bailees Liability
Commercial All Risk
Commercial Vehicle
Consequential Loss
Contractor Plant Machinery
Contractors All Risks
Deterioration of Stock
Electronic Equipment
ePROTECT safety
ePROTECT travel
Erection All Risk
Fidelity Guarantee
Fire Mortgagee Interest
Foreign Worker Medical (Annual)
Foreign Worker Medical (Per Disability)
General Provisions Contract:
DIRECT-Etiqa term life

General Provisions Contract:
DIRECT-Etiqa whole life

General Provisions Contract:
eFUTURE pay presto

General Provisions Contract

General Provisions Contract:
ePROTECT mortgage

General Provisions Contract:
eSAVE assure presto

General Provisions Contract:
eSAVE enhance

General Provisions Contract:
eSAVE flexi

General Provisions Contract:
eSAVE flexi (2pay8) presto II

General Provisions Contract:
eSAVE flexi (5pay10) presto

Goods In Transit
HDB Master Policy
(For insurance issuance from 16 August 2009 to 15 August 2014)

HDB Master Policy
(For insurance issuance from 16 August 2014 to 15 August 2019)

Homeowners Enhanced
Hospital Allowance Insurance
Housemaid Policy
Industrial All Risks
Machine and Equipment All Risks
Management Corporation Errors & Omission
MaxiHome Plus
Motor Trade
Personal Accident
Personal Accident with Rider
Personal Accident for Public Places
Personal Accident for Public Transport
Plate Glass Insurance
Primeshield Business
Private Car
Public Liability
Rider Contract:
DIRECT-Etiqa CI rider

Rider Contract:
eXTRA accident cover

Rider Contract:
eXTRA cancer waiver

Rider Contract:
eXTRA disability cover

Rider Contract:
eXTRA disability income

Rider Contract:
eXTRA essential

Rider Contract:
eXTRA payer waiver

Rider Contract:
eXTRA premier secure

Rider Contract:
eXTRA secure

Rider Contract:
eXTRA secure waiver

Third Party (Personal Liability)
Travelcare Plus Insurance
Vacation Shield Plus
Warehousemen’s Liability Policy (Claims-Made Basis)
Work Injury Compensation
General Provision Contract:
ePROTECT lifetime

Rider Contract:
eXTRA multiplier

Rider Contract:
eXTRA secure (limited pay)