2018 Events

2018 Events

How to Avoid 6 Biggest Health Threats and Improve the Health of our School going Kids

Date: 20th Dec 2018

Speaker: Silvia


About the talk

Do you know if – and what – your child is eating at school?

Many parents don’t know kids are having ailments like headaches, obesity that can be traced back to poor eating habits and resulting in poor school performance.

In this workshop, you will learn the 6 biggest health threats facing our kids and how to avoid them as these compromises their sleep, concentration, self-esteem and other areas of physical and mental health. You will learn simple, easy techniques and natural remedies to counteract these health issues facing our kids so that they may thrive despite any challenges ahead.

Making Videos

Date: 29th Nov 2018

Speaker: Melvyn Tan


About the Talk

Everyone loves watching videos.In fact, according to Benchmark Report by Vidyard, there are more than 20+ billion video views per day across major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. While almost everyone understand videos and its merits, most of us are not good at making them.In today’s world of social media, videos are what get the most attention. In this talk you will learn the 3 key principles of making a video that people want to watch, that connects with your viewers, and make them want to take the action.

Fengshui – For Your Home

Date: 24th Oct 2018

Speaker: Gibson Ang


About the talk

Fengshui is not a new topic to most and it’s a topic that has evolved since 3500 years ago. Today, we hear various ways in using this fascinating art to enhance our life. A lot of this aspect has been linked to how we can fengshui proof our homes to enhance our life.

Speaking Well Starts With Phonetics

Date: 27th Sep 2018

Speaker: Joseph Wong

About the talk

You are being assessed and judged the moment you open your mouth to speak. Many people underestimate or do not realise the power of speech. What we say and how we say it is actually a reflection of how we think. When we speak, we are really revealing ourselves to the world.

Why he/she is so different? (Understanding Personality)

Date: 29th Aug 2018

Speaker: Ivan Phua


About the talk

A simple key to understand how people behave and how they are motivated. We call the concept “The Human Behaviour Model.” This concept will allow you to unlock the mystery behind developing good people skills and creating better relationships.


Date: 26th Jul 2018

Speaker: Dr David Tan


About the talk

  • How successful is the medical treatment for cancer ?
  • The crux in dealing with cancer – Eliminate the cause.
  • Is the conventional CRS (chemotherapy, radiation, surgery) approach the only way ?
  • Exploring alternative modalities and their principles.

How to be an Effective Leader?

Date: 27th Jun 2018

Speaker: Ivan Phua


About the talk

Are leaders born or made? It is true that some people are born leaders, while some leaders are made in the midst of adversity.  People who have never had a leadership role will stand up and take the lead when a situation they care about requires it.

Mindful Face Yoga & Breathing Techniques to relax the mind and release physical or emotional anxieties

Date: 24th May 2018

Speaker: Silvia Ng


Unwind a busy, negative mind, escape the pace of everyday life with your loved one and emerge feeling focused, deeply relaxed with a sense of renewed positivity and attraction.

Brain-hacks To Double Your Productivity

Date: 26th Apr 2018

Speaker: Tylus Lim


  • Secret strategies & tools to have you get MORE things done than most people
  • ‘Concentration-hacks’ to declutter and keep your mind focused
  • A mind-trick that prevents yourself from putting off essential/important tasks.

A Systematic Approach to Weight Management

Date: 29th Mar 2018

Speaker: Claire Tian


What are the key components of weight distribution in human body?

  • What is the function of fat? How is fat metabolized?
  • Storage system of fat and how does it affect our body?

Managing Change through Appreciative Inquiry

Date: 27th Feb 2018
Speaker: Ivan Phua


  • Know the meaning of appreciative inquiry
  • Think in positive terms and avoid thinking negatively
  • Encourage others to think positively
  • Stress Management
  • Recognize positive attributes in people