Fraud Advisory

Fraud Advisory and Misuse of Etiqa’s Name

Fraud adversely impacts our company, policyholders, business partners and the general public. Etiqa is committed to prevent fraud and any misuse of Etiqa’s name.



In light of fraud and corporate identity theft incidents in the financial services industry, we would like to remind our customers and members of the public to exercise caution and discernment so that you do not unwittingly fall prey to such tactics. Etiqa is committed to prevention of fraud and adopts a zero-tolerance policy. We have put in place policies and processes to prevent and take swift action to attempted or actual incidents.

To protect yourselves, always verify the source and credibility of messages received and report fraud incidents to us.


Misuse of Etiqa’s name

From time to time, Etiqa’s name and logo have been misused by organisations and individuals unconnected to us for fraudulent purposes. These misuses include unsolicited communications with requests for money and personal details, and claims that Etiqa is the guarantor of financial transactions.
Etiqa takes these matters seriously and works with the appropriate authorities to investigate such scams. If you receive an email message or any other communication that looks suspicious or you feel that you may have been a victim of a fraudulent scheme involving the Etiqa name or logo, please inform us immediately.

For more details, you may refer to our Fraud Prevention Policy. To help us in protecting our customers, please contact us at +65 6887 8777 or if you come across any suspicions of fraud or misrepresentations of Etiqa.