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I want a {{dd.Description}} home insurance plan for my {{dd.Description}} HDB home. I will like the plan to start from to

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With Emergency Home Assistance (EHA) service
(with 15% discount)


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Section A:
Home Contents $30,000 $50,000 $70,000 $50,000 $70,000 $70,000
Renovations $50,000 $70,000 $80,000 $70,000 $80,000 $80,000
Section B:
Worldwide Personal Liability and Tenant’s Liability $500,000
Section C:
Family Accidental Death Protection Up to $50,000
a) You and your spouse: $15,000 each
b) Your child(ren): $10,000 each
Section D:
24-hour Emergency Home Assistance service
(For Plumbing, Electrical, Locksmith and Pest Control)
Only applicable for 5-year plan
Covers you up to $200 per event
Up to 4 calls per year
Additional Benefits : Maximum Sum Insured
Removal of debris Up to 10% of the Sum of Insured for Renovations under Section A
Alternative accommodation Up to 15% of the Sum Insured under Section A.
Sub-Limit: Up to $350 per day for the necessary cost of reasonable alternative accommodation
Conservancy charges Up to $500 in aggregate
Accidental breakage of mirrors and fixed glass Up to $1,000
Loss of or damage to contents while being temporarily removed from the premises (a) up to $300 per item and (b) up to 15% of the Sum Insured under Section A - Contents only
Loss of or damage to contents belonging to your domestic helper Up to $2,500 and Sub Limit: $500 per item
Replacement of locks and keys Up to $500
Deterioration of frozen food in the freezer or refrigerator Up to $500
Unauthorised transactions on your stolen ATM or credit card Up to $1,000
Medical expenses for injury due to an insured peril Up to $1,000
Loss of pedigree pet Up to $500
Emergency cash allowance $500 per household
Money Up to $750
Valuables Up to 30% of the sum insured for Contents in aggregate
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