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Benefits for personal mobility
Section A
1. Accidental Death S$150,000
2. Permanent Disablement due to Accident S$150,000
a. Permanent Total Paralysis or complete insanity or injuries resulting in being permanently bedridden S$150,000
b. Permanent Total Loss of sight of both eyes or use of both hands or both feet or combination of these S$150,000
c. Permanent Total Loss of speech S$150,000
d. Permanent Total Loss of hearing in both ears S$150,000
e. Permanent Total Loss of sight of one eye or use of one limb S$75,000
f. Permanent Total Loss of hearing in one ear S$30,000
g. Permanent Total Loss of use of a shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, ankle or wrist S$22,500
h. Permanent Total Loss of use or loss by amputation of:
     i. One thumb S$22,500
     ii. One forefinger S$15,000
     iii. Any other finger or one big toe S$7,500
     iv. Any other toe S$3,000
3. Medical Expense Reimbursement
(For any one accident) (Deductible of $200 applies, except for treatment by Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioner which is subject to a sub-limit of $100 per visit and $1,000 per accident)
Section B
1. Personal Liability
a. Accidental Death or Bodily Injury to third party
b. Loss or damage to property
c. Legal costs and expenses of litigation recovered against {{wording.you}}
d. Costs and expenses of legal defence incurred by {{wording.you}}
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