Private Car Insurance

Customisable protection at an attractive rate for your own set of wheels.

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Choose the coverage you require at competitive rates

Choose from Comprehensive, Third-party Fire & Theft and Third Party only coverage types.

Choice of workshop

Select your own motor workshop.

Demerit Free Discount

5% Demerit Free Discount if you have not claimed in the past 3 years (with proof of Certificate of Merit from the Traffic Police).

Easy and fuss-free claims

Submit your claims online in a breeze.

Features & FAQs

  • No restrictions on use of motor workshops.
  • Personal Accident cover of up to S$50,000 for the insured.
  • Medical expenses of up to S$1,000.
  • Towing service of up to S$200.
  • Free Windscreen Cover (with excess of S$100 for any workshop or complimentary for authorised workshops. Applicable to Comprehensive Cover only). Once a windscreen claim is made, this benefit will terminate unless it is reinstated with an additional premium.
  • Flood and/or other convulsion of nature and Strike, Riot & Civil Commotion (applicable to Comprehensive Cover only).
  • Passenger Risks.
  • Legal Liability of Passengers for Acts of Negligence.
  • Third Party Liability including bodily injury and property damage.
  • Legal Service of S$2,000.
  • 5% Demerit Free Discount is allowed provided a Certificate of Merit from the Traffic Police is produced and with nil claim for the past 3 years.
Comprehensive (Authorised Workshop) Third-Party Fire & Theft Third Party Only
Benefits for your car
a) accidental loss or damage by fire
b) loss or damage by theft
c) accidental loss or damage by other insured causes
Accidental loss or damage to
a) accessories and spare parts
* by fire and/or theft only
a)Towing to repairers or places of safety following accident
Your legal liability
a) death or bodily injury to other people
b) loss or damage to property of other people
c) your legal costs and expenses
Other benefits
a) personal accident benefits (for you only)
b) medical expenses
c) windscreen (excess of S$S100)
Excess for driver(s)
Excess for Named Driver Adjustable Excess
Additional Excess for Unnamed Driver S$500
Additional Excess for Elderly, Young and Inexperienced Driver S$2,000

Enhance your coverage

Adjustable Excess

My Workshop

Additional Excess of S$4,000 for elderly, young and inexperienced driver for any workshop

Sun/Moon Roof

Cover the damage to sun/moon roof (up to S$2,000)

Solar Film

Cover the damage to solar film (up to S$1,000)

Downloads & Forms

Important Notes:

This product is covered under PPF Scheme.


This content is for reference only and is not a contract of insurance. Full details of the policy terms and conditions can be found in the policy contract.


Information is correct as at 12 December 2016.

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