Grow and protect your wealth for those who matter most.

  • Features

    ePREMIER legacy III is a tailor-made single premium whole life insurance plan designed to grow and preserve your wealth, enabling you to continue enjoying your current lifestyle while securing your future.

      • Convenience and peace of mind, for a long time to come
        • Just a one-off payment entitles you to lifetime protection against death and terminal illnesses.


      • Coverage for the lifestyle you have grown accustomed to
        • You will benefit from a Guaranteed Death Benefit (GDB) offering high protection of up to 238% of your sum insured before the policy anniversary at age 90. We go above and beyond the norm to give you the protection you need.


    • Age GDB factors* (% of sum insured)
      17-30 Up to 238
      31 – 50 Up to 227
      51 – 60 Up to 217
      61 – 70 Up to 168

      *Actual GDB factor varies with entry age

      Before the policy anniversary at age 90, death benefit is the higher of GDB or sum insured plus any attaching bonuses. On or after the policy anniversary at age 90, death benefit is sum insured plus any attaching bonuses.

    • Preparing for the unexpected
      • We will pay an additional 25% of Guaranteed Death Benefit (GDB) upon accidental death on or before the policy anniversary at age 80. This benefit is over and above the death benefit of your policy.
    • Assurance with guaranteed immediate liquidity
      • Be assured of immediate liquidity of 80% of your single premium any time after the policy is issued.

    How It Works

    Imagine you are a male non-smoker turning 50 on your next birthday. You are planning for a comfortable retirement and have accumulated S$2.2 million. With ePREMIER legacy III, in addition to maintaining your current lifestyle, you are also able to leave each of your 3 children a generous inheritance.


    Putting aside a single premium payment of S$415,572 for ePREMIER legacy III ensures you a Guaranteed Death Benefit of S$1.2 million. This way, you can grow your total assets by 35% from S$2.2 million to S$2,984,428. You will have more money to spend on your retirement and live in greater comfort. At the same time, you can still make sure your children get the inheritance you had initially intended.


This product is covered under PPF Scheme.

Important Notes:

This content is for reference only and is not a contract of insurance. Full details of the policy terms and conditions can be found in the policy contract.

Buying a life insurance policy is a long-term commitment. Early termination of the policy usually involves high costs and the surrender value (if any) may be less than the total premium paid.

Information is correct as at 14 January 2017.