Etiqa Singapore’s Inaugural Nutrition Literacy Survey: 76% of Singaporeans are more diet-conscious post-pandemic

Etiqa Singapore’s Inaugural Nutrition Literacy Survey: 76% of Singaporeans are more diet-conscious post-pandemic

  • 67% of Singaporeans actively consume foods for disease prevention and protection
  • 98% of Singaporeans snack, with 1-in-2 being frequent snackers


Singapore, July 20, 2022 – Etiqa Singapore, a leading insurer, has released findings from its inaugural nutrition literacy survey of 1,000 Singaporeans, to learn about their dietary habits and knowledge of nutrition. The results revealed that most Singaporeans are not just highly aware of nutrition in their daily diet, but also knowledgeable about supplementary food choices for prevention and protection against possible diseases. With the government’s Healthier SG strategy focused on expanding preventive care in Singapore, the ubiquity of this protection mindset in the general population provides a good foundation for future initiatives in the community.

Etiqa Nutrition Literacy Survey 2022 aims to positively impact the lives of the people and the community, so insights into the dietary habits and the nutrition literacy levels of Singaporeans across different demographics can help with identifying gaps and opportunities to shape existing and future dietary and nutrition programmes.

According to survey findings, the COVID-19 pandemic triggered 76% of respondents into paying closer attention to their nutrition intake. Most respondents made improvements to their dietary habits by applying universal best practices, like eating a balanced meal, avoiding high cholesterol, high sugar or high sodium foods, and enjoying a variety of food in moderation.

“Singaporeans are enjoying longer life expectancy, which is a joyous outcome that should be celebrated and protected. As Etiqa Singapore is devoted to making a difference in people’s lives, we are delighted to learn that many Singaporeans are already aligned to the preventive care mindset that is driving the Healthier SG strategy,” said Raymond Ong, CEO of Etiqa Singapore.

1. Knowledge does not always translate to action: While 93% of Singaporeans are aware that their present eating habits will impact their health in the future, only 54% of Singaporeans perceive that they are eating a healthy and balanced diet most of the time.

2. A nation of snackers: 98% of Singaporeans were found to snack, with 1-in-2 being frequent snackers (snacking 3 times or more a week). Overall, some 60% of Singaporeans regularly snack on unhealthy foods such as chips, crackers, chocolates, cakes and sweets.

3. An eye out for nutrition content: 44% of Singaporeans look out for health labels printed on food packages and 48% of Singaporeans read nutrition facts. In general, close to half of the respondents across all age groups will read either health labels or nutrition facts.

4. Disciplined in food intake: 41% of Singaporeans will not consume food past the expiry while 34% may consume food if it is 1 to 3 days past the expiry date.

5. Preferred source of information: 58% of Singaporeans rely on word of mouth to gain the must-knows of nutrition, aided by magazines and social media. This is followed by official channels from the government and medical experts.

About the survey
The Etiqa Nutrition Literacy Survey 2022 was an online survey of 1,000 individuals aged between 18 to 64 years conducted by Kantar in May this year to better understand the level of nutritional awareness among Singaporeans. This is part of Etiqa Singapore’s CSR community giveback initiative to improve the nutrition of Singaporeans. Insights gleaned from the survey will help to shape its CSR programme, Etiqa Cares, through which it supports community giveback activities to improve the average Singaporeans’ nutrition literacy, by organising or participating in nutrition-related programmes organised for or by its adopted charities.

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