Thank Etiqa It’s Friday Sale

Insurance Sale: Get up to 48% off with coupon code “TEIF”!

Join our Friday insurance sale frenzy with our best deals on Home, Travel, Maid, Personal Cyber, Car ,Motorcycle, Personal Mobility and Personal accident insurance with coupon code “TEIF”.Online life insurance is now available for TEIF Sales too! Coupon code is auto-applied. That gives you up to 48%* discount on our online insurance plans! Promotions will be abound on every Friday with Thank Etiqa It’s Friday (TEIF) Sale, so subscribe to us for updates, bookmark this page, and check in to save on your protection plans before the weekend begins!

Private Car

Car Insurance

25% off

ePROTECT safety

Personal Accident Insurance

28% off

Tiq Home Insurance

Home Insurance

15% + 5% off


Maid Insurance

30% + 5% off

Personal Cyber Insurance

Personal Cyber Insurance

5% off

Tiq Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

45% + 5% off

ePROTECT personal mobility

Personal Mobility Insurance

5% off

ePROTECT motorcycle

Motorcycle Insurance

5% + 5% off

ePROTECT term life

Online Life Protection

15% + 5% off

Terms and Conditions

  • Additional 5% discount will be applied on top of any prevailing discount.
  • ^Thank Etiqa It’s Friday (TEIF) Sale’s additional 5% discount will be applied on top of any prevailing discount (i.e. ePROTECT maid existing discount of 30%. Hence the additional 5% discount will be applied after 30% discount. Tiq Travel‘s single-trip non Pre-Ex plans have an existing discount of 45%. Hence the additional 5% discount will be applied after 45% discount. Tiq Travel‘s single-trip Pre-Ex plans have an existing discount of 15%. Hence the additional 5% discount will be applied after 15% discount. ePROTECT term life existing discount of 15% on first year policy premium. An additional discount of 5% will be added on top of 15% discount, i.e. total discount of 20%)
  • Coupon code will be valid for every fridays unless otherwise stated
  • This promotion is only valid for all of Etiqa’s General Insurance products when purchased through our online platform.
  • Etiqa reserves the right to change promotional mechanics.
  • This promotion is not valid in conjunction with any ongoing or existing insurance promotions, coupons, staff discounts and privileges, unless otherwise stated.
  • This promotion is not valid for customers who have cancelled or free-look existing policy/policies within the last 14 days.

About Etiqa Insurance

Rated “A-” by credit ratings agency Fitch, Etiqa Insurance is a licensed life and general insurance company and the insurance arm of the Maybank Group.

Etiqa has been protecting Singaporeans since 1961 with a range of general insurance solutions that constantly evolve to meet their ever-changing needs. As the appointed insurer for the Housing Development Board (HDB) Fire Insurance Scheme in Singapore, we have been protecting more than 300,000 homes since 2009. For more information, please visit our corporate profile and media centre.