Picture this: you’re sitting at the same desk you’ve sat at for a long time. You turn 62 tomorrow, and after 6pm tomorrow you’ll no longer to report to anyone. It will be the last work day of your life, and the beginning of a really long holiday.


Retirement is liberating. After all you’ve worked hard for many decades and you deserve this break. As you sit there a few things come to your mind – what shall I do tomorrow evening? Will I have enough to do what I want, after putting them off all these years?


And what about the many more evenings after tomorrow?

Your 30s are probably the best years of your life. You’re driven and are able to chase your dreams while providing for your family at the same time. As you work hard to care for your loved ones, you should not forget to plan for your future self. Good things take time and it’s the same for retirement planning—the earlier you start, the better the rewards.
Time marches on and you’re 40. Your children are growing up fast, and with that you realise that retirement is just around the corner. Are you on track to reach your retirement goals?
In the blink of an eye you’re in your 50s. Your children are busy with their careers and have families of their own. You finally have time to focus on yourself, but how will you ensure that the wealth you’ve saved lets you retire the way you want?

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It’s easy to forget about yourself in the midst of working and caring for your loved ones. Retirement may be years away, but it’s never too early to plan for it.


Discover our suite of retirement solutions that lets you enjoy the longest holiday of your life comfortably, no matter what your plans may be.

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