1. Workshop Information

2. Policy Information

3. Details Of Policy

4. Particulars of Driver

5. Particulars of Accident

6. Repair Estimate

7. Declaration By Owner & Driver

  1. I/We understand that my claim may be rejected if any relevant information given is later proven false or intentionally omitted by me/us. I/We solemnly declare that to the best of my/our knowledge and belief the foregoing particulars are true and correct in every aspect.

  2. I/We further declared that the information written in this claim form or held by Etiqa Insurance Pte. Ltd. whether contained in my/our insurance application or otherwise obtained may be used and disclosed to your authorised staff, associated individuals and/or companies or any independent third parties (within or outside Singapore) who will provide claims administrative, advice and/or information or claims services in relation to my/our claim. I/We understand my/our data that may also be used for audit, business analysis and reinsurance purposes. My/Our signature below will signify this consent.

8. Documents Required For Claim Assessment

Below is a list of minimum documentation required to process your claim. Additional information may be required for further assessment.

Type Of Loss/Accident

Document Required (Please tick against the documents you have submitted)

8. Supporting Documents Upload

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Please only upload files that end in types: .jgp, .gif, .png, .jpeg, .pdf
Please attach the relevant supporting documents with your claims submission to expedite claim processing.
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Final Step

Please review and ensure all details are accurate before you proceed.