Grow your savings and secure your retirement with savings & investment products from Etiqa Insurance

Savings & Retirement

Plan for your future now. It is never too early to start saving.

Let us help you fulfill your dreams. Our comprehensive range of savings and retirement products will make your money work harder and reward you for saving.

  • eEASY save - Attractive returns with protection

    eEASY save

    Grow your money safely and surely with a plan that gives you attractive guaranteed returns.

  • assurepresto

    eSAVE assure presto

    A safe way to grow your money. When it comes to your savings, it is better to be safe.

  • flexi

    eSAVE flexi

    Get guaranteed yearly cash benefits while you save. Now you can have your cake and eat it too!

  • enhance

    eSAVE enhance

    Make sure inflation doesn’t erode all the value of your hard-earned savings.