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With work and leisure shifting more into cyberspace, cyber safety practices are more important than ever. Limit your cyber security risks with Personal Cyber Insurance today!

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You may not always see an attack coming. An anti-virus software ensures that the pages you visit, and the content of your downloads will not harm your device or compromise your privacy. Remember to keep your software up to date, to remain protected from the latest cyberthreats.

Cybercriminals are more likely to prey on devices with outdated, unpatched systems to make use of vulnerabilities. ​Software and application updates contain important security fixes that can help keep your devices safe from cybercriminals.

Phishing attempts are becoming increasingly common. If you receive a suspicious email requesting some action or information from you, do not click on any links and delete the email immediately.

Hover your cursor over a link to reveal the destination URL. If it looks suspicious, do not click it. To get to the page you’d like to visit, search it up or enter the URL directly into your browser.

Simple passwords that are easy to guess include your name, birth date and any other easily obtainable details about you. Choose a complex combination of letters and numbers, perhaps the one suggested by your computer. You can store your passwords securely with a good password manager.

Instead of connecting directly to public Wi-Fi networks, consider using a VPN to create a private, encrypted connection. This protects your device from attack by malicious agents connected to the same network.

Choose wisely where you save your credit card information. Unreliable sites may open your information to being accessed and used without your consent.

Multi-factor authentication may seem like a hassle, but it can protect important accounts from being misappropriated for malicious means. Where possible, activate mobile or email authentication so only you can login.

The last step to cyber safety is to get a cyber insurance plan. This can offset the cost of data retrieval and repairs, should your device become compromised by cyber-attack. Learn more here.