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Personal Cyber Insurance

Mitigate your cyber risks

The Internet has become an integral part of daily life. Each time you reveal your personal information on the Internet, you are exposed to possible cybercrimes. Choose Etiqa’s Personal Cyber Insurance to protect your digital footprint today.

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Select your current priorities
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What you can get

Protection against cyber fraud

We will compensate you for your financial loss in the event of fraudulent transactions made from your bank account or digital wallet.

Coverage for restoration of data

If you had mistakenly clicked on malware and downloaded a virus that infects your computer, we will reimburse you for the amount spent on restoring your computer.

Protection against extortion

Cyber extortion happens when you accidentally click on a malicious link on a website and it infects your computer with ransomware and encrypts all your data. We will cover you should you need to make an extortion payment to recover your data.

Coverage for identity theft

Cyber attackers could obtain key information about you and impersonate you to take up loans, open bank accounts or make overseas online purchases. Should that happen, we will cover expenses (including legal costs) incurred by you to retrieve and restore your identity.

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Here’s how Personal Cyber Insurance works

BenefitsSum InsuredAnnual Premium
Cyber FraudS$25,000S$109 (Inclusive of prevailing GST)
Cyber Extortion
Restoration Costs
Identity Theft

This policy is underwritten by Etiqa Insurance Pte. Ltd. This content is for reference only and is not a contract of insurance. Full details of the policy terms and conditions can be found in the policy contract.

Information is accurate as at 1 January 2024.

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