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Everyone likes to have his or her own set of wheels whether for work or social reasons.

For some, the car is their first love. Unfortunately, an unexpected event can bring financial strain and, to lesser extent, unsettling emotions.

The Etiqa Comprehensive Private Car Insurance seeks to ease the financial strain and peace of mind within the shortest possible time.


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  • Product Features

    Our Private Car Insurance features include: 
    No restrictions on use of motor workshops.
    Personal Accident cover of up to S$20,000 for the insured.
    Medical expenses of up to S$200.
    Towing service of up to S$200.
    Free Windscreen Cover with excess of S$100 but subject to reinstatement** (applicable to Comprehensive Cover only).
    Flood and/or other convulsion of nature and Strike, Riot & Civil Commotion (applicable to Comprehensive Cover only).
    Passenger Risks.
    Legal Liability of Passengers for Acts of Negligence.
    Third Party Liability including bodily injury and property damage.
    Legal Service of S$2,000.
    5% Demerit Free Discount is allowed provided a Certificate of Merit from the Traffic Police is produced and with nil claim for the past 3 years.
    Optional Coverage with nominal premium:
    NCD Protector.

  • Premium

    Please contact us for a non-obligation quotation.

  • FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions
    1. If I buy a comprehensive motor policy, will all my losses be covered?
      Not all losses will be covered by a comprehensive policy. Under a comprehensive policy, you will be covered for claims made by third party or parties for deaths, bodily injuries and property damage caused by your vehicle. You will also be covered for loss of or damage to your vehicle due to fire, theft or any accidental causes. However, there are some exclusions and you should check our policy to check what they are.
    2. In an accident, when I am not at fault, how can I claim against the party at fault?
      You can choose to either submit a claim against the third party insurance company or, if you have a comprehensive policy, to make an Own Damage claim against your own insurance company.
    If you submit the claim to your own insurance company, you will lose your NCD but the claim will be processed more quickly as compared against making a third party claim.
    3. If I am involved in a chain collision accident, who should I claim against?
      In a chain collision accident, if there is damage to your vehicle, you should claim from the insurance company of the vehicle immediately behind you so that you will not lose your NCD.
    If your vehicle is the last vehicle involved in the chain collision, you will not be able to make any claim against the other vehicles involved in the chain collision. You will need to make an Own Damage Claim from your insurance company if you bought a comprehensive cover.
    4. Why is it that insurance company take such a long time to settle my claim for my stolen vehicle?
      The insurance company will normally pay a theft claim within six months or when the police investigations have been completed, whichever is earlier. The time is required for the insurance company as well as the police to conduct their investigations and for the possibility that the vehicle can be traced and recovered during the investigation.
    5. Can the insurance company reject claims under the following situations?
      (a) A car lent to a friend who subsequently ‘disappeared’ with the car.
    (b) A car that is advertised for sale and one of the potential buyers takes the car for a test drive and fails to return.
    These cases are deemed to be acts of criminal breach of trust and cheating. There is also negligence on the part of the car owner in not exercising due care as to whom the property has been entrusted to. Loss/damage arising from such cases are not payable as these are excluded under the insurance contract.

This product is covered under PPF.


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