5 Things I Would Tell My 20-year-old Self

5 Things I Would Tell My 20-year-old Self

It is normal for some of us to look back and realise we have made some poor decisions while growing up. A lot of us have made decisions that were not the wisest. As we continue to grow older and enter various stages of life, we learn more lessons and grow wiser too. However, there is sometimes a desire for us to look back and wish we could tell our younger self not to make those poor decisions and go through the tough lessons that we experienced.

Psychologists have pointed out that writing a letter to your younger self can actually be a very therapeutic way of acknowledging the past and finding ways to bring about positive changes for the future.

Here is what I will tell my 20-year-old self:

Dear 20-year-old self,

Well done on making it thus far! You have accomplished so much the last 20 years and overcame many difficulties growing up. Give yourself credit and never give up!

Life is not going to get easier (believe me, I know) and I want to give you 5 pieces of advice so that you can continue to thrive in your journey of life!

1. Love yourself above all else

It is really easy to be caught up with many events and tasks that demand your attention and your time. Do be careful not to let these things consume you, such that you do not have time to rest and do the things that you love to do. Make sure you give yourself sufficient time to rest and recharge so that you don’t burn out.

2. Results are not everything

Success can be defined in multiple ways. It is not just about chasing after that “A” grade or that promotion at work. Remember that the journey of learning and growing is so much more important that the results. Enjoy the learning journey and know that it is ok that you do not get glowing results all the time.

3. Listen to your elders

There is a saying that your elders “have eaten more salt than we have eaten rice”. As much as we do not like to hear that phrase, you do have to admit that they are indeed more experienced than we are. They probably would have made more mistakes than we have too. Their sharing can actually be valuable advice as you continue to navigate life’s ups and downs. So be thankful for all the advice you receive from your elders.

4. Choose your friends wisely

Some friendships are not mutually beneficial or are one-sided. Think carefully about who you invest your time on, which friends you contact more or less frequently, and which friends you no longer contact. Treasure those friends who value your personal growth and support you during tough times as they don’t come easy.

5. Save for a rainy day

Lastly, save up. Times are challenging and will get more challenging in the years ahead. Daily necessities, such as food and groceries, as well as having a roof over your head, will cost more in the years to come. Don’t follow the trend and buy the latest trendy items at a whim! Planning and managing your finances is the first step into adulthood. Start setting some financial goals and setting aside some money that can be placed into a savings plan that will benefit you in just 10 years! Trust me, learning this lesson now will greatly help you in life later on! You’ll thank me for this advice. 🙂

Keep going! You are doing well. 🙂

Take care!


Your 30-year old self.