Invest smart flex

Power up your investment goals with Invest smart flex, our regular premium investment-linked plan that offers you the flexibility to pursue your investment goals. Starting from just S$200 per month¹, this plan allows you to diversify your
portfolio by investing in reputable funds and provides you with opportunities for potentially higher returns.

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Product type

Investment-Linked Plan

Policy term

To 100

Premium term

10, 15 or 20 years

Key benefits

Multiple bonuses icon

Multiple bonus units to boost your investment

  • Accelerate your returns with start-up bonus1 of up to 80% of regular premium paid in your first year of investment.
  • Enjoy special bonus1 of 5% of regular premium paid from as early as the 6th policy year2 until the end of the premium payment term.
  • Enjoy loyalty bonus1 of 0.2% p.a. of account value starting from the policy anniversary after the end of the premium payment term.
Flexibility to tailor the plan icon

Flexibility to meet your needs

  • Enjoy 2 free partial withdrawals1 throughout your premium payment term (from 4th policy year) and low partial withdrawal charges1 (from 6th policy year).
  • Option to do top-ups1, reduce regular premium amount1 (after 3 years of paid premiums) or activate premium-free period1 (from 6th policy year) when you need it.
  • Option to change the life insured1 at any time from the 3rd policy year.
  • Option to switch funds at any time without charges4.
Access to exclusive reputable funds icon

Access to top reputable funds

Start from just S$200 a month3 and get access to exclusive portfolio funds and institutional funds managed by regional and global asset management companies.

Death coverage icon


Be covered against total and permanent disability (up to age 65) or death at the higher of 105% of net premiums5 or account value less any outstanding amounts.
Flexibility to change life insured icon

Hassle-free application

Guaranteed issuance policy; no health checks needed for Invest smart flex plan.

Death and total and permanent disability coverage icon

Enhance your coverage with optional rider(s) subject to underwriting:

Extra secure waiver II
Continue your policy without paying premiums if the life insured is diagnosed with any of the 37 covered severe-stage critical illnesses.

Extra payer waiver II
Continue your policy without paying premiums upon death, total and permanent disability or diagnosis of any of the 37 covered severe-stage critical illnesses of the policyholder (before age 86).


1 Subject to applicable terms and conditions. Please refer to policy contract for details.

2 Applicable to policy with 10-year premium term only.

3 Based on the minimum premium requirement for a premium payment term of 20 years.

4 We reserve the right to revise the fund switch charges (if applicable) by giving 30 days’ written notice.

5 Net premium refers to total premium paid plus total top-up(s) less any partial withdrawal(s).

Etiqa’s Portfolio Funds and ILP Sub-Funds

We understand that everyone has a different approach to investing. We tailor your investment plan by matching your risk level and financial goals with these Portfolio funds, and a mixture of different ILP sub-funds.

Find out more about our funds and check their prices.

Portfolio Funds


Low Risk

Friendly for:

  • Low risk taker
  • Looking for stable returns
  • Tolerance for low volatility
Conservative pie chart


Medium Risk

Friendly for:

  • Medium risk taker
  • Looking for moderate returns
  • Tolerance for some unpredictable fluctuations
Moderate pie chart


High Risk

Friendly for:

  • High risk taker
  • Looking for capital growth
  • Tolerance for sharp fluctuations
Growth pie chart


High Risk

Friendly for:

  • Higher risk taker
  • Looking for maximum long term growth
  • High tolerance for fluctuations
Aggressive pie chart

ILP Sub-Funds

  • Alliance Bernstein American Income Portfolio Fund
  • Abrdn All China Sustainable Equity Fund
  • Abrdn Global Dynamic Dividend Fund
  • Allianz Income and Growth Fund
  • Baillie Gifford Worldwide Asia ex Japan Fund
  • Baillie Gifford Worldwide Health Innovation Fund
  • Baillie Gifford Worldwide Long Term Global Growth Fund
  • BlackRock Global Funds (“BGF”) ESG Global Bond Income Fund
  • BlackRock Global Funds (“BGF”) European Equity Income Fund
  • BlackRock Global Funds (“BGF”) ESG Multi-Asset Fund
  • BlackRock Global Funds (“BGF”) World Technology Fund
  • Capital Group American Balanced Fund
  • Eastspring Japan Dynamic Fund
  • Finexis Millenium Equity Fund
  • First Sentier Bridge Fund
  • FSSA Dividend Advantage Fund
  • FSSA Regional China Fund
  • Fullerton Asia Absolute Alpha Fund
  • Fullerton SGD Income Fund
  • Fundsmith Equity Fund
  • LionGlobal Infinity Global Stock Index Fund
  • LionGlobal Singapore Dividend Equity Fund
  • LionGlobal Singapore Trust Fund
  • Maybank Asian Equity Fund
  • Maybank Asian Growth and Income Fund
  • Maybank Asian Growth and Income-I
  • Maybank Asian Growth and Income (DIST)
  • Maybank Asian Growth and Income-I (DIST)
  • Maybank Asian Income Fund
  • MAMG Global Sukuk Income-I
  • Nikko AM ARK Disruptive Innovation Fund
  • Pictet Premium Brands Fund
  • PIMCO Income Fund
  • PineBridge International Funds – Singapore Bond Fund
  • United Global Healthcare Fund
  • United SGD Money Market Fund
  • United Singapore Bond Fund

Here's how Invest smart flex works

Lincoln, age 35, non-smoker, is keen to start planning for his future. He is looking for an investment-linked plan which provides insurance coverage as well as wealth accumulation for his retirement. Hence, he signs up for Invest smart flex with a premium payment term of 20 years and monthly premium of S$500. He is protected with a basic policy sum assured equal to the higher of 105% of net premiums5 or account value.

Policy fees and charges apply. Please refer to the policy contract for full details of the terms and conditions.

The scenario(s) above are for illustration purposes only.

6 The above illustrated values are based on illustrated investment rate of return of 8% per annum. Should the illustrated investment rate of return be 4% per annum, the illustrated policy value would be S$169,750 at age 65. The two rates, 4% per annum and 8% per annum, are used purely for illustrative purposes only, are non-guaranteed and do not represent the upper and lower limits on the investment performance of the selected funds. The actual benefits payable will vary according to the future performance of the selected funds. Past performance or any forecasts are not necessarily indicative of the future or likely performance of your selected funds.

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Age means the age at next birthday.

This policy is underwritten by Etiqa Insurance Pte. Ltd.. This content is for reference only and is not a contract of insurance. Full details of the policy terms and conditions can be found in the policy contract.

Invest smart flex is an Investment-linked Plan (ILP) which invests in ILP sub-fund(s). Investments in this plan are subject to investment risks including the possible loss of the principal amount invested. The performance of the ILP sub-fund(s) is not guaranteed and the value of the units in the ILP sub-fund(s) and the income accruing to the units, if any, may fall or rise. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of the future performance of the ILP sub-fund(s).

A product summary and product highlights sheet(s) relating to the ILP sub-fund(s) are available and may be obtained from us via A potential investor should read the product summary and product highlights sheet(s) before deciding whether to subscribe for units in the ILP sub-fund(s).

As buying a life insurance policy is a long-term commitment, an early termination of the policy usually involves high costs and the surrender value, if any, that is payable to you may be zero or less than the total premiums paid. You should seek advice from a financial adviser before deciding to purchase the policy. If you choose not to seek advice, you should consider if the policy is suitable for you. The information contained on this product advertisement is intended to be valid in Singapore only and shall not be construed as an offer to sell or solicitation to buy or provision of any insurance product outside Singapore.

This policy is protected under the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). Coverage for your policy is automatic and no further action is required from you. For more information on the types of benefits that are covered under the scheme as well as the limits of coverage, where applicable, please contact us or visit the Life Insurance Association (LIA) or SDIC websites ( or

This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Information is correct as at 28 March 2024.

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