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4 Positive Habits to Build in Your 20s

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Entering the working world in your 20s can be both exciting and overwhelming. Earning your first full-time salary and enjoying the increased independence feels empowering. Yet, the uncertainty of your future and the weightiness of your decisions can also create worries.

How do you sail through your 20s and make the most of life’s adventures during this stage? Set yourself up for success in the world of adulting by building these 4 positive habits. 

Building strong relationships

It’s harder to make new friends and maintain existing friendships once you leave school. Schedules will clash more often, and you will have lesser things in common with school buddies as you explore different careers. 

Get good at checking in with your friends via texts and phone calls and be open and personal when connecting with them. Your time spent with friends will become scarcer, so you need to maximise every interaction or life’s fast pace will cause you to drift apart.

With your parents and siblings, you may also start to see them less once you have a full-time job. Or maybe you’ll arrive home feeling exhausted from work, and not in the mood to chat. The better you become at connecting with friends and family – helping them out with favours, being sincere and vulnerable with them, spending quality time together – the more likely you’ll have a strong support network as you journey through life. 

Managing your finances

It’s so satisfying to graduate from being a broke student to a working adult who can afford buying finer things. But if you don’t manage your finances well in your 20s, you might look back 10 years later with regret.

Learn to create and maintain a monthly budget. Track your income and expenses. Meet with a financial planner to get comprehensive insurance coverage so that you will have the means to pay your bills and support yourself should anything unexpected happen. Insurance premiums are cheaper when you’re young and healthy, so the best time to get insured is ASAP!

And on a related note, it is important to start planning and saving for your next major milestone in life. Whether it is pursuing further studies, getting your own apartment or getting married, the best time to save for these goals is right away. Learn about the various savings and investment options available so that you can grow your income by making your money work harder for you today.

Time management

With the daily grind of 9-5, you probably have less time and energy to spend on yourself and your loved ones. The earlier you master time management strategies, the more fulfilled you’ll feel. 

Learn to develop a sense of time. Know where you’re spending most of your free time, and check whether your schedule aligns with your goals and aspirations. Otherwise, you’ll feel stuck and frustrated that you’ve been so busy yet not close enough to achieving your dreams. 


The 20s can feel like a rush: so many places to go, people to meet, things to do. Before you get burnt out and distracted, try to really pay attention to the present moment. 

Mindfulness teacher Holly B. Rogers says in her book, “Many people go through life as though they can only relax and enjoy once all external factors are perfect.” The sooner you learn to be present and savour every experience even when things are far from perfect, the more positive you’ll be about this exciting time in your life.

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