Let us help you

In Etiqa, we believe in “Humanising Insurance” which is about people, not just policies.


  • One of the ways that the Etiqa Claims Team is living up to our core value of “Humanising Insurance” is by making our claim processes simple and convenient for our customer like you when you need to make a claim in a time of distress.


  • Our Claims Team is responsible for ensuring that all genuine and legitimate claims from our policies are honoured and settled accurately, promptly, professionally through our seamless claims solutions.


  • As claims arise, our valuable policyholders and claimants matter to us most. We ensure that your submission of claim to us for processing will be without any hassle and inconveniences.


  • We hope in this Claims column, it will serve to help our valuable policyholders in terms of enquiring or making a claim or who require information & assistance on claims. It is our commitment to serve our policyholders by providing them with all the necessary information and assistance from the Pre to the Post claim processing.