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Make a Work Injury Compensation Claim


Required documents

  1. Completed claim form
  2. iReport to Ministry of Manpower
  3. Medical certificates and/or bills
  4. Employee’s work permit/NRIC/appointment letter
  5. Injured employee’s earnings for the 12 months immediately prior to the accident.
  6. Contract agreement for yourself and the sub-contractor. Please advise us on whether the main contractor/Principal has taken up separate insurance for all workers on the project. If yes, please provide insurance details and project policy.
  7. Discharge summary (if any)
  8. Death Certificate (for fatal injury)Additional documents required if injured worker is a sub-contractor worker engaged in project work:
  1. Contract agreement between yourself and the sub-contractor
  2. Sub-contractor’s Work Injury Compensation insurance policy


Make a claim

Submit your documents online.

Important Notes:

Kindly note that Etiqa Insurance reserves the right to request for any medical report and to request for the original bills or certified true copies and to contact the public healthcare institutions directly if needed for validation of the bill authenticity.

All information and supporting documents may be subject to review by Etiqa Insurance and we shall reserve all rights to reject any claims, recover any and all amounts, or to impose additional charges if for any reason any claim is found to be fraudulent. Etiqa shall also reserve the right to pursue any actions at law or in equity that it deems appropriate in dealing with such fraudulent activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to make a claim.

You should report any accident or notified loss/damage/injury to the insurer immediately after the accident or upon receipt of notification of loss/damage/injury, whichever comes earlier.

You should report to us immediately so that we can advise you the next course of action. By doing so, this would not delay claim investigation as well protect your interest in pursuing against negligent parties.

Upon submitting your claim online, you will receive an acknowledgement email with the following information for your easy reference and/or action:

– eSubmission reference number
– Summary of your claim submission

Please forward the legal papers to us immediately. Do not contact the third party law firm to discuss accident details or settlement.

Please do not admit liability or offer to pay the third party, you should seek our written consent before any action. In the event you already have compensated the third party without our consent, you would have prejudice our legal position. It is a breach of the policy condition and we may decline your claim.

You may submit to the officer in charge as stated in the acknowledgement email or to the following emails: (non motor claims) (motor claims) (Life Claims) (Travel Claims)

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