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Make a Windscreen Damage Claim


Visit an Etiqa Approved Reporting Centre

Please repair your windscreen at an Etiqa Approved Reporting Centre/ Panel Repairers. Bring your driving licence and NRIC to the workshop and they will help you file your claim.

Make a police report

If your claim is vandalism-related, lodge a police report.

Prepare these documents

  1. Photographs of damage
  2. Quotation for repairs
  3. Police report (if the claim is vandalism related)


Make a claim

Submit your documents online.

Frequently Asked Questions

You must also report the accident to the police if it involved any of the following:

  1. Injury cases.
  2. Accidents involving a government vehicle or damage to government property.
  3. Accidents involving a foreign vehicle.
  4. Accidents involving a pedestrian or cyclist.
  5. “Hit and Run” cases.
  6. Vandalism

Yes, you must report and bring your accident vehicle (regardless damaged or not or whether you are claiming under your own policy or not) to our Approved Reporting Centres within 24 hours or by the next working day if the accident happened on a weekend or a Public Holiday. Your NCD will be further reduced and your claim may be prejudiced if you exceed the time frame for accident reporting.

Please forward any documents received and accident video or photos to us. Do not contact the third party law firm to discuss accident details or settlement. Please forward legal documents to Etiqa urgently.

We strongly encourage you to claim under your own policy when accident is likely to be conflicted. Under policy terms & conditions, you are required to submit your own damage claim within 14days from the date of occurrence.

Your NCD will be affected as claim made under policy. If our recovery is successful, your NCD will not be affected.

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