COVID-19 updates

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At Etiqa, we remain committed to keeping your interests our priority regardless of circumstance. To support our community and help alleviate the financial burden or distress many are facing during this difficult period, Etiqa has introduced the following support initiatives and relief measures for individual and corporate customers. Together, we can overcome this challenging period.

For individual customers

Free Financial Assistance Benefit for side effects of COVID-19 Vaccine


This Financial Assistance Benefit protects eligible customers for side effects from COVID-19 Vaccination.

Free Financial Assistance Benefits for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)


The Financial Assistance Benefits protects our life customers through the COVID-19 pandemic with maximum benefit payable of S$52,000 per Insured Person.

Cash relief for existing and new private car policyholders


Existing and new private car policyholders shall receive $36 Etiqa credits (equivalent to S$36) as goodwill relief, in view of restrictions on movements during this Circuit Breaker. The credits are valid till the end of 2021.


Deferred Premium Payment Arrangement (“DPPA”) for life policyholders


DPPA has concluded on 31 December 2021 for eligible life insurance policyholders. Individuals facing financial difficulties as a result of COVID-19 can still approach Etiqa to discuss alternatives and assistance required


Policy Loans from cash value


Eligible policyholders may take a loan on your policy for up to 90% of its cash value, subject to interest rates that accrue daily and may change anytime with 30 days’ notice. You may repay the policy loan and interest at anytime.



Policy must have accumulated sufficient cash value in order to qualify. To apply, please send us a WhatsApp message at 6887 8777.


Automatic Premium Loan from cash value


If you are unable to pay premiums on time, your policy’s cash value is automatically borrowed to pay on your behalf, subject to interest accrued daily.



Your policy must have accumulated sufficient cash value in order to qualify. Your policy will terminate if it has no or insufficient cash value.


Cash Benefit Withdrawal


If your policy has previously paid out cash benefits that you deposited back with us, you may choose to withdraw these cash benefits to offset premium payments.


This arrangement is not automatic. To apply, please send us a WhatsApp message at 6887 8777.

Free 6-month policy extension for annual travel insurance policies


Amid current travel restrictions, all annual travel insurance policies that expire between 1 March and 31 December 2020 shall enjoy FREE 6-month policy extension.

Enhanced ePROTECT safety with free COVID-19 coverage


For a limited time, policyholders of ePROTECT safety will enjoy free coverage on COVID-19 and dengue fever, with a lump sum payout of S$3,000 upon diagnosis of each illness. Get protected starting from S$18/month.

For individual and corporate customers


Deferred Premium Payment Arrangement (“DPPA”)


Updated on 1 Jan 2022

DPPA has concluded on 31 December 2021 for eligible general insurance policyholders.


Customer Services

Customer Care Services


While walk-in services at the Etiqa Customer Care Centre remain temporarily unavailable, we remain committed to serving you. All our services including claims, policy services and customer care support remain available.
For a better experience, we have rerouted all in-bound calls to WhatsApp to better serve you. Please reach us at the following:

Customers are encouraged to make use of self-service facilities. Log in to our online customer portal ( to access your policy details or submit claims related to these products: Travel, Home Contents, Maid, Fire, Personal Accident Insurance, and HEMSAKER from IKEA.
While we work towards serving you efficiently, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we expect a higher-than-usual volume of customer enquiries.