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Stakeholder Engagement


Speaker: Ivan Phua

Date: 28 Nov 2019 (Thu)

Time: 12.30pm to 2.00pm

Admission: Free


Today, the term stakeholder engagement is emerging as a means of describing a broader, more inclusive, and continuous process between a company and those potentially impacted that encompasses a range of activities and approaches and spans the entire life of a project. The change reflects broader changes in the business and financial worlds, which increasingly recognize the business and reputational risks that come from poor stakeholder relations and place a growing emphasis on corporate social responsibility and transparency and reporting. In this context, good stakeholder relations are a prerequisite for good risk management.

Find out more from our trainer, Ivan Phua, on the six essential building blocks of better stakeholder engagement.



  • Stakeholder Identification and Analysis
  • Information Disclosure
  • Stakeholder Consultation
  • Negotiation and Partnerships
  • Grievance Management
  • Stakeholder Involvement in Project Monitoring

[Event Cancelled] How to be Successful in Any Job


Speaker: Joseph Wong

Date: 21 November 2019 (Thu)

Time: 6.30pm to 8.00pm

Admission: Free


Most new employees go into a new job expecting to learn. In most cases, this new hire could take weeks to start becoming productive.

In this session, our speaker, Joseph Wong, will focus on how a leader mindset can be extremely useful to prepare someone who are starting on their first job or recently been promoted to a supervisor role. Leadership is not a title but an attitude. It’s win-win for both employee and employer because the employee gets to stand out as a talent while the employer cuts down the time needed to turn this new hire into a productive talent.


Who should attend

  • If you’re starting on their first job – it gives you tips on how to add value and build your personal brand from Day One.
  • If you’re in HR – this workshop can reduce the time your new employees become productive employees by 40%.
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Past Events

Date of EventName of EventName of Speaker
29/Oct/19Team Building for ManagersIvan Phua
23/Oct/19Lego – Play@WorkAndy Chong
25/Sep/19Stress ManagementIvan Phua
18/Sep/19Keeping Your Child Healthy and Building stronger bondsJacqueline Ng
26/Aug/19Securing Your Financial FutureIvan Phua
7/Aug/19The Art of Being Resilient
(Exclusively for ITE Business Students only @ITE College Central)
Ivan Phua
23/Jul/19Facilitation SkillsIvan Phua
19/Jul/19Good Posture for Better Health and Better LifeDr David Tan
27/Jun/19Cultural DiversityIvan Phua
13/Jun/19Secrets Of Instant RapportTylus Lim
29/May/19Cyberspace – What do you know?Javen Lim
23/May/19The 5 Love LanguagesIvan Phua
30/Apr/19Tips to Achieving Financial WellnessIvan Phua
21/Mar/19Assertiveness & Self-confidenceIvan Phua
27/Feb/19Coaching & MentoringIvan Phua
24/Jan/19How Parents can Unlock the Creativity and CriticalJoseph Wong