Personal Cyber Insurance

Get safety in connectivity with comprehensive cyber protection

Staying connected with loved ones, getting easy access to information and services;  and using the Internet has become an integral part of our daily life. However, here’s a gentle reminder: you are vulnerable to cyber risks. Being online exposes you to cyber threats such as data breach, privacy invasion, and cyber-attacks that imply potential asset losses. While taking due diligence for cuber security is essential, you can get safety in connectivity with Tiq’s online risk solution. Our Personal Cyber Insurance insures you and your family from cyber security breaches with coverage of up to $25000 for a year.

Stay safe online with comprehensive cyber protection and peace of mind.

Here’s How It Works

BenefitsSum InsuredAnnual Premium
Cyber Fraud$25,000$107(Inclusive of GST)
Cyber Extortion
Restoration Costs*
Identity Theft

*subject to be deductible of $250

Cyber Fraud

Did you know that stolen online banking details obtained in a phishing scam can be used to transfer money out of the victim’s bank account?

Compromised password can also be used to make unauthorised online transactions, without needing a physical credit card.


Be protected against financial loss that derives from the left of funds from your personal banking account or your personal digital wallet with an online merchant, including fraudulent online pruchase and/or email scams.


Deceptive e-mails and websites can gather your personal data to conduct illegal online activities, but you’d be protected.

Stolen credit card details

If you stolen card details are used to make unauthorised online transactions, you shall be compensated.


Email and instant messaging scams, or other cyber impersonation can lead to asset loss, but we’ve got your back.

Cyber Extortion

Imaging you are surfing online, and unknowingly visited a compromised website that installed ransomware, and disabled access and control of your computer. In order to restore your desktop to working condition, you have to pay the ransome demand. This  is a classic of cyber extortion.


Cyber extortion involves threats to data compromise or computer access. If you were forced to make payment due to a cyber extortion threat, you will be compensated for the extortion payment.

In the event you encounter cyber extortion, here’s what you should do:


Fraudster hold your device/content ransom and demands for payment


Make a police report and obtain Etiqa’s agreement before any ransom payment


Claim for Cyber Extortion from Etiqa

Restoration Costs

Malware attack and hacking by a third party are common cyber acts that can compromise your digital asset, and disrupt daily life. If a virus infection resulted in corruption of personal documents, technical service would be required to locate and remove the virus, and restore the data. You shall be reimbursed for such restoration costs in the event of a cyber security breach.

In the event you been hacked, here’s what you should do:


Malware infection causes your data to be lost or corrupted


Report to Crawford at 6632 8639


Crawford will make arrangements for your device to be restored

Identify Theft

Do not underestimate the power of your personal data. For example, a fraudster can use your personal information to obtain loans under your name and you may not be aware until you are contacted by the debt collection agency. The misuse of personal information can harm reputation and affect aspects of life such as your job, freedom and credit status. In event of an identity theft, you shall be covered for expenses incurred to re-establish your reputation.

Compromised password can also be used to make unauthorised online transactions, without needing a physical credit card.

Examples of costs incurred to restore your identity:

Legal and administrative fees


To correct official public records and consumer credit reports

Notarizing affidavits


An affirmed statement before a public notary maybe required to restore your identity.

Lost Wages


Lost wages due to time taken off work


Important Notes:


This policy is underwritten by Etiqa Isurance Pte. Ltd. This content is for reference only a contract of insurance. Full details of the policy terms and conditions can be found in the policy contract.


Information is accurate as at 17 June 2021